Sony  a7R IV Mirrorless Digital Camera Body
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Sony a7R IV Mirrorless Digital Camera Body


This item is no longer available.

Written by Mahesh Thapa

The headline feature of the a7R IV is, of course, the 61.2MP Back Side Illuminated (BSI) CMOS full-frame sensor. Plus, the increased resolution gives you flexibility in cropping. For me, it’s almost like having an extra telephoto lens.

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Fantastic resolution

By Stickman 1.

I purchased the Sony a7riv in May this year and have found it to be a superb camera in the quality of the results achieved. I am strictly a nature photographer using both the Sony 90mm macro and 200-600 lenses both these lenses give work well with the a7riv body.


Flexibility is the name of the game A7R IV


Having a blast with this camera. I am able to take landscapes, animal, and portrait photos with quick changes in the settings. The large sensor yields incredible clarity. The camera body is smaller than I expected, but feels solid in my hands. I have no complaints and feel like a received a good value from this purchase.

Sony has discontinued this version & released an updated model with improved design & features. Click here to check out the brand new Sony A7RIV.

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Questions & Answers

Questions about this item:

Shopper  Why Did You Choose This?
Torin k  shooting astrophotography
Collin C  Upgrading from Nikon Z6 as my photography becomes more serious and professional. Also able to use my canon glass with functionalities with the right adapter such as the Sigma MC-11.
Trevor H  Upgrade from a canon 6d m2. Needed something new
Justin M  Because of the speed and the megapixels
deja g  Changed from canon to sony
ruben c  I have a Sony a7iii and I wanted to upgrade my equipment
Rajkumaran D  good value for money
Ajay P  Resolution and Latest model so expect a long life out of it
Andrew B  big sale
GERARDO D  Was on sale.
Danny B  Higher megpixel needed for print
venkata surya s m  Photography
David M  The huge files from this camera are stunning.
mingxuan z  for my business, and my friend says this is a good one, really have the stork for student price
Joseph H  Quality and Performance
Joseph H  Quality and performance!
Lance T  Because it is a beast.
TONY R  Best Full Frame Mirrorless Photo Sensor on the Market.
DANIEL D  After evaluating similar models from Canon and Panasonic it became clear that the Sony a7R IV has the best of class focusing and resolution in a small frame mirrorless body.
Bokai Q  It’s the king of mirrorless in 2020. King of megapixels, dynamic range and versatility. Sony is future proof.
Jarmanjeet S  best camera resolution. I want to do landscape and fine print
Andy B  good experience with earlier iteration of this brand
FREDERICK S  “Suggestion from my son”
SomaVenkata G  The best in the business
Dennis M  Top of the line and a great price!!
Jesus E  Simple 61 MP will allow me print scale and print my photos.
wendell m  Big upgrade from even the A7Riii. Much closer to A9 performance in terms of focus accuracy and responsiveness. I own the Riii, but it struggles with fast moving things, birds in flight, etc. Need the Riv high resulution for cropping of smaller birds. A9 is still supreme if you do not need to crop.
Jeremy C  new Camera!
Rene J J  Quality
Kenneth M  Lot's of research applied to my photography goals.
RONDELRICK B  Best high resolution camera for photography. Doesn't matter what anybody says. 60 megapixels matters includiNg all other specs. If you have the money then you should spend it on things that could be overall good
Changshen Z  Best camera at the moment
Trevor L  Best mirrorless camera available on the market!
New User U  The 61 megapixels and Pixel Shift Mode ... just to name a few for starters.
Deborah H  Because I have seen photo taken with this camera and they were stunning. Need to order lenses this week .
MICHAEL M  Resolution, lightweight, FPS
ping x  Hi quality
Mary C  Good camera
Jan M  it will complement my a9
XING L  First Sony full frame mirrorless camaera. I am glad I ditched my system of Nikon DSLR last year.
Chris S  Sony provides an excellent camera. I'm excited to try out this latest model.
Nestor L  Basically due to the eye autofocus feature
Vinita P  latest and greatest sony camera with resolution to match a medium format camera.
Patrick R  For the improved auto focus, and body improvements over the A7Riii I had.
Daniel M  Want to upgrade from A7III. A7R4 has better autofocus, better tracking and much higher resolution. These things are important for me when taking pictures of wildlife.
KAREN D  To upgrade to a full frame camera and this is the newest one out. I'm excited about the focus feature on pet eyes as well as humans and the higher megapixels
Vamshidhar D  I wanted a mirrorless camera and the continuous tracking and eye-AF for video and stills was appealing.
Chuck F  Upgrade from Canon and sony a7r3
Alex B  Love the sony A7 cameras, upgrading from the A7Riii
Steven A  It is the Best of The Best!
CHASE N  I own the a7R3 & love it - will be my back-up.
David G  Have been using Sony a7ii for a couple years and love it.
steve g  image quality
Rick P  Resolution
Alex S  Love the Sony A camera line
josafat z  Is the best in the market right now
Daniel T  Because of the camera's features such as eye focusing, resolution, size, etc.
Daniel T  Because of the camera's outstanding features, such as eye focusing, resolution, size, etc.
David P  Reviews; low light; dynamic range; eye focus; auto focus; mirrorless
Kyle W  I have access to a number of E mount lens already, and am updating my camera gear.
Leigh Ann B  I talked to a few people and this one got great reviews. I currently use the a99 and this is my new upgrade.
Phil M  reviews
Taylor A  Ready to upgrade my current sony camera
Ralph R  Best full-frame mirrorless system on the market, with lots of great lens choices. Nikon and Canon are getting better with mirrorless, but they still cannot match the combination of low-noise high ISO of the Sony, and all of the great glass that is out there for it.
Alex I  Better autofocus system, higher resolution without compromising iso and dynamic range performance, better ergonomics and better evf
Matthew Z  To check out the latest and greatest
Jonathan M  For work
Will W  Switching from Nikon!
Nicholas V  Its an amazing camera
Joseph F  Newest
Erick Z  Great Camera
Lynn M  Upgrading from the Sony A7r2 because of consistent low noise and superb resolution specs.
Cheri Y  Birthday gift - person specifically asked for this one
James T  I chose the Sony A7RIV for it's picture quality, speed and ability to tether over wifi.
RIXON X  The future is here
RUDRA S  The clarity of 61MP, the fast shutter of 10FPS....I have seen the reviews done by professionals on this camera and the images are simply astounding. I will get medium format output at this price level. Can't wait to get my hands on this beauty.
JEFFREY D  Resolution
Ian C  Updates
Charles D  Best camera ever with new upgraded specs
BRENT W  I'm a professional real estate photographer and needed an upgrade from my Sony a7Rii.
Jose M  Upgrade/new body
Donald T  Sony User
joshua v  It lighter then the Panasonic S1r
Travis W  I believe this camera is the wave of the future! Specs, but also...where we are all headed in the photography world.
CLIFF L  Revolutionary
RIZWAN M  The best up to date and professional camera available for enthusiasts and professionals
SCOTT B  Increased resolution is great, but... 15 stops of dynamic range, 10 fps, better grip, better controls. Overall a great package.
William R  Ready to go mirrorless and this offered me more than my current full frame DSLR!
APILUK S  I love this camera , been using Sony camera for sony r 2 , r3 and then r4!!
Daniel W  Great new camera. High resolution in mirror less design.
Brian P  I love the a7R iii. I am anxious to use the new mark iv which is incrementally better in almost every way.
STANISLAUS N  I traded in the Sony A9 for the A7R IV because I now realize I value pixels over speed in my kind of (amateur) photography, and the A7R IV promises to do just that.
JORGE F  Continous 'live' eye autofocus and fantastic resoultion.... at the cost of managing HUGE files
Francisco H  I want the resolution king, Sony a7RIV
VJ V  specs
BARRY*GERBER B  Sensor size and MP
Fatrice T  Need to upgrade to full frame. Please note that I will be traveling to Dubai/Cairo on Sept 11-24, 2019. No one available to sign for Lens during that time period. Fatrice Borden 225 324 6204
James R  Best digital camera I can imagine at this time
LAN Z  to take pictures for my children
James F  Upgrade Sony equipment
Scott B  autofocus
Shawn I  I’m brain washed
Charandeep S  i was gonna buy a7r3 but I'd rather buy the new model
Yvenel B  It’s new
Pali K  Features are amazing
CIRILO V  i am a profesional photographer and I use Sony always
ANDY P  I have had a few of this Sony A7R line of cameras and find it to be very crucial in my photography business. This new version has many convenient upgrades that would useful.
Sarah M  Good Reviews, high resolution
Kelvin G  FPS in crop mode so versatile
Michael H  I currently use both a Sony A9 & A7rIII. I’m attracted by the improved lock on focus and 61mp files ( good for reach through cropping).
JESUS M  I chose the Sony a7R IV because of its 61 megapixels, its 10 sec. shooting, and the eye focus.
RONALD K  Best in class
Julio G  I Like
Tolga Y  Moving from a DSLR system to mirrorless. I find this camera to be the best option for me.
ROBERT R  continuous auto focus; improved ergonomics and weather sealing.
Pete Bednarowicz B  I want it!
Timothy A  Best Camera ever!
Melissa m  This is going to be amazing! Love Sony.
KURT F. H  high mp count
Michael P  More Megapixels alone wouldn't motivate an upgrade from my RIII, but better ergos, the high resolution EVF, real time focus tracking, weather sealing, dual UHS-II SD, wireless tethering; adds up to a compelling case.
ROLAND E  I have a7R 3. Awesome camera. I like some of the upgrades coming to the IV
GEOFF W  I have the Sony a7r2 and think its a really great camera -and expect the 4 to be even better with more resolution. It works (the 2) fantastically well on a microscope as well.
Aaron W  GFX-100R unlikely to meet the feature set of the Sony.
JEFFREY D  Increased resolution and eye tracking.
Christina Z  Resolution
James S  This camera is not available yet, but I placed a preorder with Adorama. They were the only online retailer that would take a preorder today. This camera is a game changer in the mirrorless world. I have two other Sonys and love them.
ANTHONY E  Because it's an amazing camera!
Ben W  professional photographer
timothy l  I make a living with my camera, this was an unexpected announcement, but a welcome one.
Phil M  Dance and Portrait work
TAYNE H  Upgrade from my A7RII 61 MP
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