Flashpoint StreakLight 360 Ws Flash with Blast Power Pack

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About Flashpoint StreakLight 360

This Flashpoint StreakLight 360 Bundle comes with: , Commander Transceiver Set for StreakLight and a Flashpoint Streaklight Umbrella Reflector Kit ( $109.90 Value) . Plus you get $109.90 worth of free accessories including a , Commander Transceiver Set for StreakLight and a Flashpoint Streaklight Umbrella Reflector Kit . Bonus: No sales tax either, unless you live in New York or New Jersey.

What's better than a Flashpoint Streaklight 360? A Streaklight super powered with the new Flashpoint Blast Pack. Enjoy the teamwork of lithium cells and a solid reliable strobe for your next assignment and beyond.

The Flashpoint StreakLight 360
While the trend in modern flash design emphasizes automation and camera control integration, the Flashpoint Streaklight 360 leads the way with spectacular power, precise manual exposure on demand, advantages of advanced engineering and inventive circuitry in a solid, dependable package, energized by the magic of lithium.
Completely adjustable from full power, to cover large areas and bounce lighting, down to 1/128 in 1/3 stop increments (22 settings) displayed on a generous LED panel. When energized by the new Flashpoint Blast Pack, it is capable of super rapid recycle in full power without overtaxing the components.
The 360ws bare bulb tube delivers beautifully even and soft light from its standard stippled parabolic reflector, with or without the two included diffusion disks. The Lumedyne style standard mount will accept most Lumedyne or Quantum accessories. The included umbrella mount securely centers the flash for perfect on axis light distribution within the umbrella.
Features like smart optical slave sensors and remote control options, set this durable hot shoe mounted light apart from rest.

The Flashpoint Streaklight 360. The most power to you!

Flashpoint Blast Pack. A truly professional portable rechargeable battery pack that makes the quantum leap! More mobile power for your favorite speedlight or strobe.

The new Flashpoint Blast Pack is the endurance power supply for which professional and semi-pros photographers have been longing. Stable, memory free, interchangeable Lithium 4500m Ah battery modules snap in with up to 1800 full power energy reserve. With spare units, your shooting is never interrupted. You don't need to own more and more power packs to keep on shooting for weddings, journalism, events and sports coverage. Just slide the battery module onto the main pack and fire away! ONE SECOND for a full power recycle!

The durable pack is compatible with a wide range of popular on and off camera flash units from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Metz and Quantum via tough resilient plug in connector cables. Dual flash output can operate two different units simultaneously, without any sacrifice in recycle time.

Clear LED's panel on top indicate storage capacity and cycle status. The gauge style display warns when power discharge is too low. And recharge time is only 3 hours for a generous 1800 full power reserve.

Convenient and versatile turbo portability that makes the quantum leap.

Blast Pack your way through the toughest assignments!

Flashpoint StreakLight 360 Features

  • Powerful 360ws Guide Number 262 (ft ISO 100) with standard reflector
  • Super Soft and Even Light from Replaceable Bare Bulb
  • Stable Color Temperature
  • Fast Recycle Times from with Flashpoint BLAST POWER PACK or Quantum Turbo
  • Precise output from 1/128 to Full in 1/3 stop increments
  • Four Modes : Pure Manual [M], Slave Normal [S1], Slave Filtered [S2], Multi/Stroboscopic with calculator [RPT]
  • Auto Focus Assist Beam
  • Switchable Audio Recycle
  • Built in Optical Slave
  • Wireless Remote Control USB Port
  • 2 Sync Jacks PC & 3.5mm
  • Overheat Protection Circuitry
  • Vertical and Horizontal Head Adjustments
  • Umbrella Mount Adapter
  • Tough Secured Hot shoe Mount
  • Full Line of Optional Light Modifiers from Snoots to Beauty Dishes

Flashpoint StreakLight 360 Specifications

Strobe Output
360 watt seconds
Guide Number
80m/262ft for ISO 100
Power Supply
External Lithium Battery and compatibles*
Recycle Time
0.05 2.6 seconds
Flash Duration
1/300 1/10,000 sec
Recycle Indication
Ready Light and Switchable Audio
Light Coverage
Approximately 65 Degrees / 28mm coverage on 35mm full frame format
Vertical Angle
-15 to 90 degrees
Horizontal Rotation
0 to 270 degrees
Slave Eye Sensitivity
Greater than 33 feet / 160 degree radius
Color Temperature
5600K +/-200K
Housing Size
8 X 3.55 X 2.75 in
Body Weight
27.5 oz /1.75 lbs

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Great portable, powerful strobe!

I'm sold! This powerful battery operated flash (at 320 Ws) now frequently substitutes for my bulkier/less portable "plug-in" strobes and importantly - without fear of the battery running out during an event. Portability: If your events take in place in multiple locations portability is everything. Many events vary locations - indoors/outdoors, a number of different rooms etc. This requires setting up more strobes and/or moving them around. There are halls that have no power outlets where you ...

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I'm sold! This powerful battery operated flash (at 320 Ws) now frequently substitutes for my bulkier/less portable "plug-in" strobes and importantly - without fear of the battery running out during an event. Portability: If your events take in place in multiple locations portability is everything. Many events vary locations - indoors/outdoors, a number of different rooms etc. This requires setting up more strobes and/or moving them around. There are halls that have no power outlets where you need them or at times they just don't work. SrteakLights to the rescue. At smaller events these are the only lights I need. For portraits I use the available add-on umbrella holders for up to 43" umbrellas. To use my 60" umbrellas I use a standard umbrella bracket (as recommended due to weight). I no longer need to add off camera speedlights to change portrait locations to outdoors or other indoor locations. Its easy to just move these around. They then work great for my candid work as room lights. You can even put these on the camera hotshoe and have enough power to bounce off even distant walls/high ceilings without going to sky high iso's and wide open apertures. Rotates nicely up/down and around in both directions. However, for hotshoe work be aware that these things are much heavier than speedlights, as your forearms will make obvious. One limitation is that these do not do TTL. Not a problem for me since I was not looking for off camera strobes that did TTL. Power: Don't be fooled by size. This thing puts out light on a par with my plug-in 320 Ws strobes. Based on my first few experiences I don't think I'll ever use up the battery power during an event. I haven't even gotten to use up half the charge at a single event, even when used heavily. I purchased the 2 to 1 power cable which speeds up recycling time. I also got the photogenic multi clamps which allow attaching the batteries to light stands - a worthwhile accessory. A downside is that at times it feels like recycle time is somewhat slower than my plug-in strobes, when used at higher power levels. Control: The included remote radio system is a welcome upgrade from my old pocket wizards. I love being able to remotely raise/lower power remotely. When using two (or more) light(s) I can turn a dial and assign each a different number so that although they trigger together I can control the power of each independently or even turn them off. (Tip: to verify which light you are controlling you can remotely turn on and off the light's red focus beam). The receivers use the usb type ports, leaving the pc ports available so that If you want to use this system in addition to other strobes you can, by using standard triggers (mine are pocketwizards). One important limitation is that the transmitter only has a hotshoe connector. Once you put a speedlight on the camera you can no longer use the transmitter as a trigger. One solution is to purchase a PC to hotshoe adapter which will allow you to add the transmitter even when using a flash. What I do instead is trigger all strobes (streaklights and perhaps others) using pocketwizards and keep the transmitter in my pocket. This way I can still use the streaklight transmitter to control power etc. Quality: Feels rugged and well made. Knobs and dials feel durable, which is important especially if you swap the included diffuser for the umbrella reflector and other add-ons. For the umbrella holder observe the included advice not to use heavy umbrellas as the plastic holder is fairly thin and you are raising and lowering the umbrella using the lights own controls. For heavier umbrellas use a standard umbrella bracket. Value: Is it worth the price premium over similarly powered plug-in strobes? This depends on your needs and budget. For myself anything that saves time-especially repeatedly gets my attention. Saving the effort of moving plug-in strobes around is another plus. Not needing to have separate battery powered flashes for when I do indoor/outdoor/multiple location portraits is wonderful. When the action moves away from where I placed my lights I can now more easily adjust. Are these better than plug-in strobes? Up to you. For me I'm loving the flexibility. Note: when comparing to plug-in prices don't forget to include the value of the included transmitter/receiver with the power control capability.

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Love my streaklight!!!


from Shreveport.La.

Recently, I was asked to shoot a retirement party. It was casual, nothing special. So I decided to use my streaklight with the diffusion dome on my camera. Did some test shots, and adjusted the power for exposure at ten feet. At ten feet I had an aperture of f8. I used a zoom lens so I could shoot wide or telephoto, within the ten foot range. The light was superb, creamy, soft, shadowless, and beautiful. The pictures were great, and my friend loved them!!! YOU GO STREAKLIGHT!!!




from Union City TN

I photograph dirt track sprint car races and this flash has improved my end result greatly. Performs better than I expected. Shot an indoor rodeo this past weekend and got my best shots ever. I bought another one and light stands so my daughter and I can do some studio type shooting in the field.


Fantastic performance and features


from Pittsburgh, PA

Used the products on shoots for national magazine and portraiture work. Functioned flawlessly, thinking about getting another.




from Kinston, NC

It was out of box and through some test for me. Very satisfied. Easy to use. Packs a real punch and well thought out. Can't wait to buy more!


Things they dont tell you until.....


from Oregon

The good thing is the is cheaper and a lot more powerful than the Quantum Trio I bought from another store, I ended up returning the Quantum. I use my pocket wizard with just a simple sync cable, can shoot at high speed sync. There are few things they didnt mention, you wont know until you buy this flash and read the manual, I would have given it 5 stars if they be honest and mention it on product website: page 9 says hi speed sync doesnt work if you mount this flash onto camera's hotshoe. Specs says there is overheat protection, what they dont tell you is after 10 continuous hi speed sync flashes at full output , it forces you to wait 10 seconds between each flash.




from El Cajon, CA

I had my doubts(in the back of my head)about how long this light was going to last following the pace I put it through this past week. However, I am not doubting it anymore. The streaklight worked flawlessly and it will be my goto light for location shooting, thus I can save my expensive studio light for studio work.


Powerful tool


from El Cajon, CA

I received the product today and put it through the paces. It is a sturdy, well built and powerful flash. I will be taking it out in the field and try it on location. From what I have experienced so far, I believe this will be my goto flash for a long time when I need to have a grab and go location speedlight.


amazing flash


from puerto vallarta jalisco mexico

great for outdoors, sunny day, on the snow, and at night no endless shooting

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Solid flash at a reasonable price


from Orlando, FL

For some time, I have been an avid user and advocate of the Quantum flashes - especially the model T5D-r. These flashes are dependable, more powerful than Canon or Nikon shoe-mount flashes and recharge quickly via their external battery packs. However, there are times when more power would be helpful. The StreakLight 360 fills that need perfectly. Twice the power of the Qflash (I verified it with a flash meter) and being able to use the same battery packs makes this a very handy addition to my off-camera flash arsenal. I posted a more extensive review on our blog: http://www.catchlightstudiosonline.com/2014/02/adorama-flashpoint-streaklight-360-review.html

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Flashpoint StreakLight 360


from Staten Island, NY

This is an excellent offer. The Flashpoint StreakLight 360 light, battery pack and radio transmitter and receiver are all really well made and work beautiful together. After using these lights at a wedding, I was very impressed by these little workhorses! The build quality is excellent, the longevity of the batteries is amazing, and the power and flexibility of these lights is impressive. They are very easy to set up and use. The additional power of this light over a traditional sped light, plus the varied ways in which one can use the light makes this a great time to have in one's lighting kit. High quality and easy to use, its also a great value and build well.


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