The Online Glossary of Digital Photography is a great resource

There are so many terms and concepts to grasp in digital photography and this microsite from Rocky Nook explains tons of them!



I was the sort of kid who spent half my time running around the yard and the other half buried in books. I'd pore over the pages of the Encylopeadia Brittanica and the big Webster's Dictionary on rainy days, just gobbling up as much information as I could, along with countless books on trivia, science, nature, and just about everything under the sun. 

To this day, I can still get completely lost in a sea of information, whether it's wiki-wandering online, or in a tactile pulp-based book. So when the hard copy of Rocky Nook's Glossary of Digital Photography arrived on my doorstep a while back, it was no surprise that I read it cover to cover in a couple of train rides back and forth to NYC, just to gobble up and absorb any defintions or terms that had escaped me thus far, and to reinforce my understanding of terms I was already familiar with.

As it usually happens with books, I loaned this out to someone, and that's that last I've seen of the hard copy of it.

I knew from my conversations with Joan Dixon at Rocky Nook, while working on my book, Practical HDRI, that the plan was always to also put the glossary online as a resource for photographers at some point.

And I just noticed the other day that it is now up and running on the Rocky Nook site!  Click here to see the full list of entries.

I've found myself turning to this page between calls, and at other random times, just digging through different terms that I both know I know and some that I've not seen before, just to see what there is to be gleaned from this entry or that. It is again a wandering journey, but unlike Wikipedia which can lead to all sorts of non-photographic tangents, this research I can chalk up to "professional development."

Know of any other great online resources for photographers to learn about photography terms and processes? Let us know!


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